Our Dogs

Gunner’s Pride of Rose Hill

Gunner is a striking male and his name says it all. His personality is contagious and he LOVES to point and hunt! Gunner is one of the largest Vizslas we’ve had, weighing in at around 68 pounds. When he was a pup, his size was awkward while playing and running, but it didn’t take long for him to become an elegant creature! He was whelped on August 7, 2013. His Sire is Teal’s Milo and his Dam is Brockett’s LuLu. Gunner is RETIRED from breeding due to complications from a rattlesnake bite.

Boone Docks of Rose Hill

Boone is our main stud and is full of personality and love. His loyalty to us is undeniable. Boone is Kristi's best friend . . . that is, until Newell breaks out his shotgun during dove season; then Boone switches over to Newell's little buddy and is eager to point and fetch up some dove in our back field.  He was whelped on December 21, 2017. His sire is CH Archiee JH from Busch Vizslas, and his Dam is Vezeeto's Southern Exposure X'Posure JH from Vezeeto Vizslas.  His hunting abilities are phenomenal!

Reese’s Avery Rose

Avery was a super mom and hunting companion. She has a sweet demeanor on top of her abilities. Avery was whelped on November 11th, 2009. Her sire is Gimme a Chance of Rose Hill, and Dam is Reese of Rose Hill. Avery is RETIRED.

Milli Bechtold

Milli has such a cute and quirky personality and has the beauty to go with it! She was whelped on April 1, 2016. Her sire is GCHS CH Just Spike JH and her dam is CH Zeeva JH. She loves attention and is super sweet. She is one of our breeding females.

Señorita cali of Rose Hill

Cali is our youngest female and was whelped on May 5, 2021.  She loves life and is full of energy but can turn it off quickly for some snuggles. Her sire is Firestorm & Mudbone Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog JH and her dam is Lua Anisa Sanchez. We got her from Ramona, California close to San Diego; hence the "original" name, Cali. She isn't breeding . . . yet, but we know when she does, her pups will be amazing!

rose hill's koryander

Kory is a human! Don't know how else to describe her. She's highly intelligent and in tune to everything and everyone around her. She was whelped on October 23, 2016. Her sire is Just Jake Too JH and her dam is Rockelle JHA. Her lineage is out of Busch Vizslas as well and if you know their reputation with dogs, it describes Kory to a T. Unbelievable and wonderful! She is one of our breeding females.

Kodie Delayne of Rose Hill

The girl with the boy’s name. Kodie is probably the exception to the rule with Vizslas - she's the calmest one we've ever had. She was whelped on January 4, 2015.  Her Dam is Gee Gee and her Sire is 6x BISS Silver Grand Ch. Just Spike, Jr Hunter. Her grandfather is 2x NAFC 3x NGDC NVA NFC MVSDC DCh. AFC Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH CGC “Ruger”. Her lineage is also out of Busch Vizslas in Illinois. Her hunting abilities are exceptional. She is one of our breeding females.

Gauge of Rose Hill

Gauge is our gorgeous male. If you know anything about‘Velcro Dogs’, he’s a perfect example. Oh, did I mention his hunting abilities! Wow! Gauge is a very calm and extremely loyal member of our family. He was whelped on April 19, 2011. His Sire is Teal’s Chance and Dam is Teal’s Sadie. He is from a Teal Vizslas in Illinois. Gauge is RETIRED from breeding but still enjoys hunting.

*All of our dogs are AKC registered. You can access the AKC website at: American Kennel Club - The Dog’s Champion - American Kennel Club