Our Dogs

Gunner’s Pride of Rose Hill

Gunner is a striking male and his name says it all. His personality is contagious and he LOVES to point and hunt! Gunner is one of the largest Vizslas we’ve had, weighing in at around 68 pounds. When he was a pup, his size was awkward while playing and running, but it didn’t take long for him to become an elegant creature! He was whelped on August 7, 2013. His Sire is Teal’s Milo and his Dam is Brockett’s LuLu. Gunner and Gabby are the best of friends. Although they came together from Illinois, they do not share parents.

Molly Longtail of Rose Hill

Molly was whelped on July 10th, 2010. Her sire is Gimme a Chance of Rose Hill, and her Dam is Reese of Rose Hill. She’s the calmest dog we’ve ever had - I like to describe her as one of those kids that sit back and take everything in. She’s a great mom; as well as, a superb hunter! Molly and Avery are sisters.

Reese’s Avery Rose

Avery is a super mom and hunting companion. She has a sweet demeanor on top of her abilities. Avery was whelped on November 11th, 2009. Her sire is Gimme a Chance of Rose Hill, and Dam is Reese of Rose Hill.Avery and Molly are sisters.

Gabriella Csilla (Star) of Rose Hill

Gabby, Gabby, Gabby. She’s a beautiful dog that is curious but cautious. She loves to play and has one of the sweetest personalities. We are impressed with her hunting abilities. She was whelped on August 25, 2013. Her Sireis Max XXVI and her Dam is Teal’s Jersey. She is from a Vizsla family in Illinois.

Reese of Rose Hill

Reese is our oldest female and lets all the others know who’s boss! She is the matriarch of our Vizsla family. We retired Reese from whelping so she can enjoy hunting without mommy duties. She was whelped on February 8th, 2007. Her Sire is S and E’s Sure-Fire Ruger and Dam is Flanagans Shantel Ruby. She is from a breeder in Oklahoma. We have two of her daughters - Avery and Molly.

Summerlin’s Briley Razsa (Rose)

Briley is our ball of fire. She is in-tune toeverything we do and lets us know when she feels left out. We call herour ‘dock dog’ as she loves to fly into the pool to fetch the tennisball. She was whelped on February 20, 2013. Her Sire is Hank WilliamsNoll and her Dam is Maggy May Winchester. She is from a Vizsla family inKansas.

Kodie Delayne of Rose Hill

The girl with the boy’s name. Kodie is our newest addition and she couldn’t have been a better fit. She was whelped on January 4, 2015. She is from another precious Vizsla family in Illinois. Her Dam is Gee Gee and her Sire is 6x BISS Silver Grand Ch. Just Spike, Jr Hunter. Her grandfather is 2x NAFC 3x NGDC NVA NFC MVSDC DCh. AFC Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH CGC “Ruger”. Althoughwe have a household full of Vizslas, we are so very excited to have her join our family.

Gauge of Rose Hill

Gauge is our gorgeous male. If you know anything about‘Velcro Dogs’, he’s a perfect example. Oh, did I mention his hunting abilities! Wow! Gauge is a very calm and extremely loyal member of our family. He was whelped on April 19, 2011. His Sire is Teal’s Chance and Dam is Teal’s Sadie. He is from a Vizsla family in Illinois.

*All of our dogs are AKC registered. You can access the AKC website at: American Kennel Club - The Dog’s Champion - American Kennel Club